At Ahnu we believe that collaboration inspires innovation and vice versa; and it shows in our teamwork and our products. We are a small team that works together, plays together and thrives on shared inspiration. That philosophy improves our results and adds to the fun.

We also draw inspiration from our company name. "Ahnu" derives from the goddess of balance and well-being in Celtic mythology. The choice is both deliberate and appropriate, as we balance work and play, as well as business goals with social and environmental responsibility.

From our factory standards (we adhere to Deckers Ethical Supply Chain Standards, among the toughest standards in the industry), to the use of certified post-consumer recycled fibers in our catalogs and packaging, our commitment is visible throughout all aspects of our brand.

Thank you for creating such a great, comfortable shoe (Tamalpais II) and for being a socially and environmentally conscious company. - Doug

Product Philosophy

Greater Good