LOCATION: Cedar Park, TX
STYLES: Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa

We created the Ahnu yoga teacher ambassador program for passionate yoga teachers who inspire their students and their extended community. We offer professional membership rewards, product sneak peeks and exclusive networking opportunities.

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Jen Daugherty

May 2015

For Jen Daugherty, the fitness and health industry is among her most essential passions and has been her professional industry for over 10 years. Her devotion to the practice and teaching of yoga is demonstrated in her classes, where she weaves her engaging stories into a challenging and supportive experience for the community.

When Jen is not practicing or teaching yoga, you will find her outside in her garden, hiking the trails around Austin, finding inspiration in nature, and hanging out with her husband Evan, friends, family, and her cat, Skiddy, and dog, Ginger. You can also find Jen in her kitchen, where she creates dishes that sometimes end up on her food blog or are entered into cooking competitions. Jen has now set out to fulfill her dream of creating a welcoming, sacred space to come as you are by opening her own studio in Cedar Park Texas called Trybe Yoga!

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher/practitioner?

I was inspired by several of my teachers that held such a sweet and sacred space for me to simply "be". I wanted to be able to share that same space with others knowing that we can all find support and strength within our community. This is the main inspiration behind Trybe Yoga.

What goals do you have for your future?

Oh my there are so many goals for the future but some of the most exciting and closest goals are happening with Trybe Yoga. We are in phase 1 of 3 currently!

What's the funniest moment or most fun experience you've had as a teacher?

A a couple years back I had a "Janet Jackson" wardrobe malfunction while teaching! I was walking around the room while teaching (a full class) and I was looking straight at a sweet student of mine named Karen and out of the corner of my eye... I saw my tank top strap just bust apart flying above my head and then back down. Our eyes locked (Karen and I's) and our eyes both grew extremely large and then ensued a ton of laughter! Luckily I had a sports bra on underneath.

What is your favorite thing about owning your own studio?

I get to give back to the community with not only providing nourishing yoga, but I'm able to fulfill my hearts true passion with community service work. In every job or business I've been a part of I have always found a way to incorporate seva or "doing the good work" so to speak. Now with Trybe Yoga being my own studio I get to have a lot of fun and draw from my hearts passion and inspiration to have events and classes for organizations that are in need. We are currently doing a free class for cancer patients and survivors through The Heart of Cancer non profit and we're also hosting a Yoga in the Dark class this May to raise money for the Yoga for Sight campaign via Seva Foundation!

What advice would you give to someone just beginning to practice yoga?

The days you don't feel like coming to the mat are the days you need it the most.

Tell us something most people don't know about you!

I can weld! I graduated from college with a BFA specializing in sculpture and watercolor. I also like to compete in cooking competitions (with 3 wins under my belt).