Build a strong foundation.


Work up a sweat to pick up your heart pounding.


Flex and stretch to enhance long, lean tone.


Find your center to encourage alignment and stability.


Grab a resistance band, put on some sneakers and get ready to move!

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Shoes that keep up with your every move? You bet. Ahnu® YogaSport shoes feature our Numentum technology adapted for yoga-infused hybrid workouts where you need supportive stability, integrated flexibility and ultra lightweight comfort. It's the one pair you'll wear for the varied demands of your hybrid workouts.

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Yogasport Cardio Workout

Yogasport Cardio Workout

Cardio flow keeps your heart pumping while long-hold yoga poses help develop muscular endurance, stability, balance and strength.

Yogasport Warm Up Workout

Yogasport Warm Up Workout

Warm up while you learn the foundational movements of the YogaSport workout.

Yogasport Cool Down Workout

Yogasport Cool Down Workout

Cool down as you lower your heart rate, stretch and balance your nervous system.