Ahnu Numentum® Performance Technology
More Power to You

numentum technology


Reduced weight equals less fatigue, so you can keep on hiking.

Athletic Flexibility

Take on rugged terrain with forefoot flexibility and an anti-stone bruising plate.


Heel stability and second density support make the difference with every step.

We Keep Good Company

We partner with leading innovators to ensure the highest-quality performance for every product we create.

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Ahnu Landscape

Rock the trail and stay balanced with Numentum® Hike technology that centers and guides your foot, whether or not you have a pack. High density EVA plugs at the heel mean Ahnu boots feel like athletic shoes while offering the heel stability you’ll find in the most rugged hikers. Yep, these have it all.

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Ahnu Cityscape

Hit the streets in comfort with Numentum® Commute technology that features an internal midsole and U-shaped heel stabilizer to keep your heel centered and your body in balance. So you can strut your stuff all day and night.

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Ahnu Yogascape

A blissful state is guaranteed with ergonomic technology that features maximum flexibility and just the right support where you need it.

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