Each month we feature an ambassador who inspires us, their students, and the community.


Judy Rukat, Ahnu Yoga Ambassador

I teach yoga for the rebels, the rogues and the villains, the weak, the broken, the damaged, the lost, the hopeless, the underdog, the ones who only know struggle, the motherless, the addicts, and those who love too much. I am all of these, and I know that a vast ocean of peace lies beneath all this. I will never tell you what yoga is and isn’t, you decide for yourself. Just show up and find what liberates you on your mat!

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What inspired you to become a yoga teacher/practitioner?
I teach yoga because everybody needs to have a home and for me, my home is on the mat. I grew up with the idea that you can never be good enough and yoga gives me a sacred retreat from that kind of unhealthy pressure. I love having the privilege to create an encouraging environment full of love and free from judgment for my fellow practitioners to explore their strengths, vulnerabilities and unique truth. I teach to celebrate diversity and to remind my students (and myself) that each day holds a new experience or lesson.

What goals do you have for your future?
My goals for the future include writing my book about the modern path of enlightenment outlined by the tarot and yoga philosophy, spending as much family time as I can with my son and loving partner (having new adventures with them is very important to me) and continuing to expand my teaching repertoire so I never feel that I am done learning!

What's the funniest moment or most fun experience you've had as a teacher?
The most fun I have had teaching was breaking down Michael Jackson's Thriller into yoga poses during a Halloween yoga class and observing my students totally let loose! I embrace laughter during yoga and always make sure to take myself lightly!

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
The scariest thing I have ever done was leaving an abusive relationship after believing I was stuck in it without any other option except to endure suffering. Hearing the wake-up call and ACTUALLY listening to my intuition to make huge and necessary changes, come what may! Choosing to respect myself no matter what and to stop trying to live up to other's expectations of me.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning to practice yoga?
To the beginners out there: Do not run and hide from the poses that challenge you, because these are your greatest teachers and in time these poses will become chapters in your own story of transcendence. Successes and failures are short lived sensations, do not attach yourself to that. Instead, remember, that staying present throughout the journey will keep you coming back to the mat.

Tell us something most people don't know about you!
My background in military intel for the United States Air Force led me to yoga after realizing that I can serve people better by seeking peace from within rather than engaging in the conflicts of war.