Each month we feature an ambassador who inspires us, their students, and the community.


Rachael Sellars, Ahnu Yoga Ambassador

Las Vegas-based Rachael Sellars has had a lifelong passion for movement and healing arts. She has danced in NYC, Las Vegas and toured internationally. The pressure to stay injury-free encouraged her to explore other forms of movement including yoga and fitness, and to study anatomy and bodywork; giving her the unique ability to integrate physical, mental and emotional wellness in all that she teaches.

Since Rachael began teaching yoga in 2002, she has studied many styles, but the defining influence on her teaching came from Annie Carpenter and SmartFLOW. Under Annie’s tutelage, Rachael is honored to join Annie and the SmartFLOW faculty as a teacher trainer and mentor for both new and experienced teachers.

Rachael has been a driving force behind the growth of yoga in Las Vegas. One can find her teaching group classes at Yoga Sanctuary and David Barton Gym. She is also currently teaching at corporate offices, therapeutic facilities, and hotel spas and has a large private clientele throughout the valley.

Rachael is honored to be featured this month as an Ambassador. She is grateful for Ahnu’s continued involvement in the community, and loves all that they embody.

More about Rachel
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What inspired you to become a yoga teacher/practitioner?
For me it was ‘who’ inspired me. I never intended to teach, but one morning the owner of the 1st studio that I took classes with was very ill. I remember it clearly. It was a led Primary series class; therefore I didn’t have to create a sequence… Whew! I was so nervous. I called out the poses (while I did the series at the front of the room) and when it was all done, I then realized how much I loved it. I found myself getting off my mat during the class eager to help the students and it felt good to give, share and make a difference. I filled in for her (Di Tyssen) for the next five mornings, and to this day I thank her for believing in me to deliver.

What is the one thing you love to do most other than yoga?
Traveling and exploring new places.

What food could you eat every day and never get bored of?
I LOVE anything crunchy … Rice chips, crackers, dry cereal, trail mix, popcorn, and more … Give me something that makes a good crunch sound and I’m happy. Could crunch away ‘everyday.’

What’s on your “studio playlist” right now?
Mmmm … I actually have more education stuff on my IPOD like lectures, books on tape and meditations more than music. I don’t play much music in class, unless it’s a restorative class or beginner. I do have Ellen DeGeneres ‘Dance Jams’ since I love her and I love to dance around … when no one is watching of course.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning to practice yoga?
Yoga is so popular now and with so many styles, and teachers, my biggest advice is for a new student to attend different classes and teachers and find something that resonates with what you are looking for at that time in your life. Also, be patient and compassionate with yourself.

Tell us something most people don't know about you!
I’ve survived through three natural disasters and missed three more within a week. I’ve watched the Sound of Music every year on Christmas Day ever since I can remember. I use to play guitar and wish that I never stopped. I’m from Toronto, Canada, but everyone thinks I’m from Vegas. I’ve performed on Oprah with the Radio City Rockettes. A good game of backgammon, scrabble and pick up sticks makes me smile … and I’m a pretty good Ping Pong player and always up for a challenge … Anyone?