Each month we feature an ambassador who inspires us, their students, and the community.


Natalie Cummings, Ahnu Yoga Ambassador

What makes a person stand out? What is that thing that some have that draws you in for more? Well, you will find that spark when you meet Natalie Cummings. She is a yoga teacher, a business owner and social media marketing expert! Her energy is contagious, her yoga teaching style is simple yet profoundly educational. She cracks you up with her quirkiness and her wit is unstoppable. Blending the busy life of a mother & entrepreneur, Natalie founded Cardio Yoga Fusion that features Hiking Yoga, fusing all busy individuals wellness needs into one experience!

Natalie offers vibrant public speaking presentations that apply to student and studio owner alike. Yoga entrepreneurs around the globe enlist her teachings to leverage social media to boost their reach. She coaches individuals and nonprofits encouraging positivity and effortless cross-promotion through her 'Sincere Networking'. Natalie continually nurtures the importance of community through her Yoga Business Connection Facebook Group. Here members organically promote and share offerings and ideas to incorporate the true nature of yoga into business as well as everyday life! Whether practicing yoga in nature or consulting yogis in business, Natalie is known for adding heart into all she does.

More about Natalie
Instagram: @cardioyogafusion
Twitter: CardioYoga
Pinterest: cardioyoga

What inspired you to become a yoga teacher?
I was in an immense amount of pain at the early age of 20 and almost unable to walk. Doctors prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medications, but I wanted to be capable and functional. A blurred state of existence was not an option and I found myself at the door of a yoga studio. Desperate and doubtful, I forced myself to open my heart and my mind to the frail yet powerful teacher and then one pose, a single stretch, made me feel like I was going to climb the walls! This pose hit the white hot pain in such a way I wanted to scream, but I used my breath as he instructed and miraculously the pain lessened and lessened and then I found the place where all of it started to let go. The asana was Eka Pada Rajakapotasana in a supine position (Pigeon Pose) and the problem was sciatica. Every time this pain sparks again, I use this posture to free myself from the physical torture I could have endured for a life time if not for yoga.

What goals do you have for your future?
I have always been a trailblazer, I love teaching others how to find their way through life without having to follow a specific path. My vision is to bring Cardio Yoga Fusion featuring Hiking Yoga to the world, so everyone can experience yoga in an attainable and fun way. My goal is to empower others to find personal and professional success through giving of themselves in a sincere way and making a positive impact in their communities. Look for the Yoga Business Connection to evolve into a vibrant network in a big way in 2015!

What “Thanksgiving” food do you most look forward to?
I love choices and lots of variety in food, so I swoon for appetizers! Top of the line for me are beets. Check out this amazingly simple yet delicious recipe of Ginger Pickled Beets from Yoga Journal. Add some other fruits, veggies, nuts, crackers, dips...I love them all!

What’s on your “studio playlist” right now?
I have the joy of offering some more upbeat music to my Vinyasa style Cardio Yoga Fusion flows so Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait is a great way to get prana flowing. To chill it out, I am in love with Ellie Gouldings cover of Elton Johns -Your Song. This speaks to the acceptance of imperfections and to self-love. Such brilliant lyrics to sink into a yogis restorative practice.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning to practice yoga?
Let it be. Move, flow, breathe intentionally and forget about everyone around you in the room and in the world. Let your thoughts travel inward to fill you with gratitude. Allow your mind & body to unite with ease. Respect the physical to accept and evolve as you practice. You can incorporate yoga into every aspect of life. Just let it be, and watch the light within you naturally ignite!

Tell us something most people don't know about you!
I traveled so much as a child that I had to learn how to adjust quickly in new environments. This is part of why I am an extroverted goof-ball now and I love it! I went to first grade in Germany and spoke fluent German. Although I do not remember much now, it is a goal of mine to return to the place I used to live and revisit. Also another dream is to revisit speaking German again. All beautiful memories for me growing up in the gorgeous countryside. ~ Ich liebe Ahnu ~