FAVORITE AHNU SHOE: Tullia and Pier 3
STYLES: CYoga (a form of Hatha Yoga created by Carmen Aguilar)

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Soren Buchanan

July 2015

Soren was raised in South Florida in a very creative home. She was the athlete of the family, a competitive gymnast until going to college in Miami, Florida at New World School of the Arts where she earned her B.F.A. in Theatre Studies. She has taught yoga part time since 2012 and she is a craftsman by day, creating custom and designer furniture upholstery.

She teaches at The Lab in Chicago and you can find her on Instagram.

What inspired your journey into yoga and photography?

I was a gymnast as a child so yoga felt like the perfect fit once I found the right studio and yogi to train under. I had begun to photograph street art around the same time I began teaching yoga and one day put the two together after finding a particularity beautiful mural. I wanted a way to show the large scale of the art and that I was there, it was perfect!

How do you go about finding such beautiful backdrops for your photos?

Chicago's neighborhood streets, alleys and businesses are my resources, sometimes I go around places I know, sometimes a tip from a friend, sometimes I just stumble upon a wall or piece of public art I've never seen before and the inspiration hits me!

What inspired you to first start practicing yoga? How did you segue into teaching?

I was inspired to seek out a yoga practice after having studied all kinds of movement theatre styles in college. Our professors used yoga as a warm up before class and it was always my favorite part of the day. When I moved to Chicago the cold winters got me excited to warm up with some yoga! My master teacher Carmen is my inspiration for teaching. She brings an energy to her classes that pushes and creates change in her students. I wanted to have a small part in bringing someone the same kind of gift she gave me. My day job was hectic and stressful when I completed teacher training and lead a class for the first time. It gave me so many good things to hold on to and aspire towards and still does.

What advice would you give to someone just beginning to practice yoga?

Be confident and enjoy your time leading the class. If you are comfortable and happy your students will be too. Smile through your words.

Tell us something most people don't know about you!

I love the snow and still giggle watching it fall. I learned to swim before I could walk and I'm very dyslexic.